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What is Virtual Racing

Have you always wanted to own your very own virtual horse winning you real money? Digiturf.com sets an amazing stage where all your horse racing dreams come true.

Your strategy and skills in guiding your horse’s development puts you way ahead of others – you could be lucky enough to be the proud owner of the new champion horse, with desirable cash rewards for your efforts. Enter this lucrative online fantasy horse racing world for the most addictive entertainment you have ever experienced!

Virtual racing is for everyone. Whether you have a champion thoroughbred or not, there is a race for your horse. DigiTurf.com is a community of virtual racehorse owners that thrive on the competitive spirit at all levels of virtual racing.

You can choose between:

Stakes Races

These races start with Maiden races, for horses that have never won a race before. After winning a race, your horse becomes eligible for nomination into the next race category such as a Novice Plate.

Eligibility for various race categories is based on wins, age and sex, which ensures that races are competitive among horses of similar caliber. Handicapping applies where a horse with more wins in the same race will carry more weight as specified.

Special Allowance Races

This racing format is specifically designed for a horse that may not make the grade as a champion. If you have a horse that is not finding a win, then enter in these races.

There are two types of special allowances:

Weight allowance for each race run without a win. This means weight that your horse carries will be reduced for each consecutive preceding run without a win.

Weight allowance for each length run behind the leader calculated as an average over the last 5 races.

Championship Races

The Championship day is held three times a calendar year at the end of each virtual season. Big prize money is sponsored on these traditional races. The s comprise separate colts and fillies races for each age group of horses. They are held on a variety of tracks and distances. See the race calendar. for more details.

Horses are invited to race in the Championship Races based on points scored in Qualifying stakes races held throughout the four month season. The number of points your Championship candidates have earned is displayed in the Championship summary tables.

To be eligible for all Qualifying stakes races in its career, your horse must have won a race and you must have paid the race supplementary fee for the horse ($5 when acquiring the horse or $100 thereafter)

Claiming Races

Claiming races are great fun. This format is very popular in American racing and has been adapted for virtual racing. When you nominate your horse in a Claimer, it is up for sale as any other member may place a Claim on your horse. You own the horse until the end of the race and if it wins you collect the prize money.

If someone has claimed it, you will also collect the claim price (eg. In a $15 Claiming Plate, you collect $15 less 15% Commision) and your horse will be transferred to the Claimer or purchaser.

Claiming reduces the chance of a Champion horse being nominated and hence makes racing in Claimers more competitive to a more moderate class of horses. This all equals good fun and an increased opportunity to win.

What is Digiturf.com

Digiturf.com is an interactive, multi-player, virtual horseracing game offering the exciting opportunity to play and win daily by owning, training and racing virtual horses against other Digiturf.com members. The 3D races may be virtual, but the prize money is for real!


When it comes to virtual horse racing games, Digiturf.com is no doubt the best available on the internet. Not only does Digiturf.com lead as the worlds first online virtual horse racing community, but of utmost importance is that it is also entirely fair.


A virtual horse racing interactive game where you can own, train and race your own virtual horses against other members for real prize money! Join Now and live out your fantasy! Welcome to the lucrative world of online horse racing at Digiturf.com!

Digiturf.com has no vested interest in the outcome of races, so competition is therefore with members of the site and not with the company itself; Digiturf.com merely facilitates races for the benefit of its members and earns an administration fee for doing so.

A third party international accounting firm regularly reviews the site for fairness. So you can be sure you have chosen the best and most reliable online fantasy horse racing game in the world at Digiturf.com!

digiturf-racing-scheduleYou will have:

  • A chance to win real stakes money
  • A virtual racing stable
  • Access to a vibrant community
  • Viewing of races in 3D
  • Daily Races to compete against other members
  • Opportunity to race for big sponsored stakes
  • Great interactive fun

Have fun selecting the name, color, age and sex of your virtual horse, and then designing your very own racing silks which will uniquely identify your stable of horses.

Train your virtual horses regularly, apply performance enhancing products to them, and then enter your virtual horses into scheduled races.

Finally you can sit back and enjoy watching your horses race live against other members from around the globe in 3D! You are guaranteed to be glued to your screen as you watch your horses getting closer and closer to that finish line…


DigiTurf.com has no vested interest in the outcome of races. The system has been reviewed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.


Sensitive data is encrypted and data transfer is protected using SSL technology.


DigiTurf.com offers 7 of the most reliable payment and cash-in options including a variety of credit and debit cards through a secure interface.

Signup Bonus

Imagine getting a free virtual horse when you register on the site! But wait, there’s more! You can also receive $10 in Bonus Credits on sign up.

In addition to that, you can also get a $30.00 match bonus on your first $30.00 spent!

So you want to try out this virtual horse racing interactive game? Digiturf.com offers everyone the opportunity to play the virtual horse racing game for free!

Existing members have voted Digiturf.com as the best fantasy horse racing game on the web by far – everything on Digiturf.com is virtually identical to flesh-and-blood horse racing, the only difference being that it all happens online.

The top two horse owners on Digiturf.com has already earned over $1 million in cash! No need to be envious though, you could be earning the same amount of money – even better, why not accept the challenge of becoming the next top owner on Digiturf!

Become a part of this addictive fantasy horse racing world! Transform your fantasies into reality! Win huge cash at Digiturf.com! Have a great time playing the most awesome fantasy horse racing game you have ever experienced!


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