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Prairie Meadows – 7/30/2011

Race 5 Notes
Horse 1- Jockey won Race 4. Horse has raced allot in 2011, starting off with wins but lately has been no better than 4th.
Horse 2- Jockey got 2nd in Race 2. This horse has finished between 3rd and 7th all year.
Horse 3- Jockey won Race 1. Another horse that started 2011 off with some wins but lately has been a 5th or 6th place horse.
Horse 4- Horse has only placed 5th and 6th this year.
Horse 5- Only raced twice so far in 2011. Both finishes have been out of show.
Horse 6- Jockey got 3rd in Race 1 & 3, Won Race 2, and got 4th in Race 4. This horse has shown good placings lately (as opposed to the start of this year).
Horse 7- Jockey got 2nd in Race 2. Alright looking horse with a few firsts in February and April..Nothing spectacular lately.

Race 5 Picks: 3 (MIDVAIL), 6 (MR. SASS), 7 (I VOW TO WIN), 1 (DEATH VALLEY)


Race 6 Notes
Horse 1- Jockey hasn’t done anything. Horse has been making a few third places lately but nothing better.
Horse 2- Jockey is decent with mostly 2nd’s and 3rd’s. Decent looking horse with a recent second place finish.
Horse 3- The #4 track jockey riding this one. Recent first place win for this horse.
Horse 4- Jockey got 3rd in Race 1, 1st in Race 2, 2nd in Race 3, 4th in Race 4, and 2nd in Race 5. Third ranked track jockey. Horse has raced often in 2011 but hasn’t finished better than 3rd.
Horse 5- Jockey got a 3rd and 1st so far today. Also, he is the #1 ranked track jockey. Horse has had a recent first place win.
Horse 6- Scratch
Horse 7- Jockey got a 3rd and 4th today so far.
Horse 8-
Horse 9- Jockey got a 2nd today. Jockey is ranked #7 at the track.
Horse 10- Jockey got 2 fourths today. Fifth ranked track jockey.

Race 6 Picks: 4 (Exciting Cat), 7 (Wild Salsa Dancer), 3 (J SCAT), 10 (Wildcatclass)

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